Due to the fragmentation of the market in which Experian operated in EMEA, as well as to account for different languages and contexts, local teams produced most of the content in social media. The most notable exception were a series of social content marketing campaigns I produced as part of the implementation of our social media strategy. These were evergreen content campaigns. I designed them so that a marketer could localize and use them without fear that the content would become outdated.

The objective of these campaigns was to raise the brand profile. I based the content on the company’s more than 100 years of history and its values, like innovation or a data-driven focus. If branding is an exercise in storytelling, what we wanted was to tell our own story.

Social content marketing campaign deliverables

Social content marketing campaign Innovation in Experian.

The deliverables of the campaigns were:

  • Lists of messages, with specifically crafted versions for Twitter and LinkedIn. Each campaign included a dedicated hashtag. We used this hashtag in localized versions as well, to leverage Experian’s global footprint.
  • Templatized image cards to use with the messages as visual support to increase visibility. This made it very easy for marketers to add on-brand supporting images to their messages.
  • Training in social media management tools to help marketers build and schedule campaign messages.

Three content marketing campaigns to build the brand profile in social media

Social content marketing campaign Innovation in Experian.

We provided the local marketing teams with three content marketing campaigns:

  • Experian History focused on the rich history of the company. Specifically, the campaign narrated the origins of the company in the UK, US and Brazil. With time, these three companies would merge into what is now known as Experian. The campaign allowed for marketers to insert snippets of their own local history.
  • Innovation in Experian. After Forbes included Experian in their list of the world’s top 100 innovative companies, we knew we had to showcase all the great examples of innovation we could find in the company.
  • Inside Experian. As a basis of this campaign we used the Inside Experian documentary, which we also promoted. This documentary is an in-depth view into Experian and how they use data to fight fraud, manage risk and help businesses and individuals make better credit decisions.