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01. Content Strategy

I want to help you manage content as a strategic resource to make it work for you and your users. A content strategy is a process that defines the planning, creation, design, presentation, and governance of content throughout its entire life cycle.

The end result will be a useful and usable content, well structured, that responds both to the needs of the users and to the business objectives.

02. Copywriting

I can write texts for your website, newsletters, blog or social networks that respect your brand guidelines and transmit your values. And always with your business goals and your users in mind.

03. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the name of a methodology that is based on the development of customer-oriented content about their issues throughout its life cycle, with the aim of attracting visitors, generating leads, cultivating them and converting them into customers.

To attract traffic, we use tactics such as content marketing, SEO, SEM or social media marketing.

I have a certification in Inbound Marketing from Hubspot.

04. SEO

In addition to optimizing your content and your architecture to improve your presence in search engines, I can audit your current SEO strategy and results to help you understand where you can improve.

05. Content Marketing

The strategic creation and distribution of content is part of the inbound marketing methodology, but it can be executed separately in order to attract qualified traffic or improve brand positioning.

I have a certification in Hubspot Content Marketing.

06. SEM

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective strategies to get qualified traffic with a tight budget.

I can help you develop a PPC strategy, decide on which keywords to bid and create and develop campaigns and ads. I can also analyze your current campaigns and help you understand your results and detect improvement points.

I have a certification in Google Adwords.

07. Analytics

I have given workshops to journalists to help them analyze data in order to detect patterns, trends and identify outliers.

I can also help you better understand your data and what it means for your business.

I have a certification in Google Analytics.

I can fit into your project

The scope of the project you are managing does not matter. Whether you want to completely redesign your website, create a blog, reorganize the help section of your website, or create an application to help your users, manage content as a critical resource will help you meet the needs of your users and reach your business goals.

There is no project too small, or too large, that will not benefit from paying attention to the content you generate, why you generate it, in what format and for whom.

Let’s talk

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