Crazy Little Things was a small publishing house I started with my partner in life. The objectives of the project were just to publish works we loved. We wanted to pay attention to details and quality and be proud of everything we published. In the end, we could publish only one book before we had to shelve the project for lack of time. We thought the project deserved our full commitment or else we would end up betraying our funding principles.

My role in Crazy Little Things involved:

  • Design of the logo and brand identity.
  • Development of the website, including an online shop. This was done in WordPress with a professional template.
  • Distribution of the book through bookshops and other venues.
  • Organizing showcases of the book in Madrid and Barcelona.
Crazy Little Things Logo
Crazy Little Things main logo.

HAZ, our first and only reference

The first and only reference we published in Crazy Little Things was HAZ. The book was a compilation of the first ten numbers of the fanzine of the same name published by Jose Atomizador. I was in charge of the editorial design of the book. I decided on the materials, printing methods, and designed the layout of the book. In the video above you can see the finished book.