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The postmodern era

Mabel smiled serenely. “Darling, your tradition of deep dark government paranoia is far behind the times! This is the postmodern […] redesign

But it’s not clear to me that they’re really game changing improvements. These changes don’t reinvent or expand my notion […]

> Necesitas manejar con soltura conceptos básicos de estadística. Todavía no lo sabes, pero puede ser lo más importante para […]

> El mercado laboral periodístico es invisible, subterráneo, injusto, basado en contactos y muy difícil de atacar desde fuera. Una […]

> The New York Times is a leader among news organizations when it comes to article recommendations — but the […]

> The death of the newspaper, often denied but much feared, may be avoided by adapting to the new circumstances. […]

> The advent and popularity of the tablets — portable, small, easy to handle — have given publishers the incorrect […]

> The importance of graphic identity, and even more, of visual storytelling, is not decreasing. To the contrary, managing to […]