What have I learned in 2012?

  • I’m able to deliver lectures on data journalism at two different universities and at the Catalonian Statistics Institute.
  • I’m not very good at following online classes. I’m quite bad, in fact, as I had to unenroll from two. I failed to follow Alberto Cairo’s first edition of his data visualization class (and I’m currently failing to follow the 2nd edition) and I was also unable to follow a “Stats with R” online course. Moreover, I completely failed at Codeyear’s challenge, completing just 21% of the course. In my defense, I’ll say that the weird proxy settings at work makes the Codeacademy website almost impossible to use, but I remain committed to finalise that course, along with other two on Python and R, and I have enrolled again in Codeyear in 2013.
  • Against all odds, I can certainly drive a car, at least through the US West Coast.
  • Having a Kindle is great for my book and journalism reading, but it’s deadly to my magazine and comic book reading, as I can tell by the pile of paper waiting to be read.
  • I hate the Mercator projection.
  • I have still a long way to go to be happy about how I manage my time and my life. I’m already making improvements, though.
  • I’m perfectly capable of editing and publishing a beautiful book.
  • The reason why so many plants have died at my hands is because I water them too much. Let’s hope for a much shorter list of casualties in 2013!
  • I need to make more things with my hands. I appear to be quite good at making wire crowns, at least.